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Your Best Business Partner Through Consistent Technological Innovations in Shipbuilding.

  • Goh, Change-hoi CEO of DAE A Industry Co., Ltd.
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    Since foundation in 1996, DAE A Industry Co., Ltd. has sustained a phenomenal growth with production of ship block as one of the major components of a ship and stands out as one of the more reliable manufacturers of stern and bow components. In particular, we have paved the way for a leap into becoming as one of the leading shipbuilders through consistent efforts in fostering talents, seeking innovative technologies and the bold spirit of challenge and practice.

    My fellow customers! Now, DAE A Industry Co., Ltd. not only leads the manufacturing culture of various ship components, stern and bow components, engine room, hatch coaming, and lashing bridge but also makes a bold first step toward a truly global leader that competes with world class shipbuilders and heavy industries based on our expertise in various fields, including preliminary painting, special painting for PC ship, plant steel components construction, delivery, chemical engineering, plant facilities, environment facilities operation.

    We are committed to sustaining a stable growth through systematic risk management and substantial management while actively seeking to secure global competences and promoting energy and environment related businesses as future growth engines through consistent investment and technological development DAE A Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to be your best business partner that provides a total solution through relentless development and innovation with top priority placed on enhancing customer value.

    Thank you. Goh, Change-hoi CEO of DAE A Industry Co., Ltd.